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Central States Education Group in 2012

January 4, 2012

The first few months of this website have exceeded our expectations. We have gained visitors, seen spikes around hot topic posts, and forged relationships with educators and other professionals in a variety of organizations. Moreover, we have explored many things that educational leaders encounter in the region and made what I think are positive contributions to the practice of those leaders through insight and analysis.

These months have served as a sort of “beta phase” for Central States Education Group. Our vision for the development of this initiative has always been larger than the website, but this place serves as the hub for the public discussion that we hope to foster. To further develop and encourage that discussion, we are making a couple of changes. Most important to readers is the shift in article format. The site will focus on highlighting recent article, research, or current events in shorter, more concise posts, linking to relevant information and providing brief comments targeted at educational leaders. We will still provide longer, in-depth analysis of topics on a less-frequent basis, pulling together current research and practice. The shorter turnaround and brevity of the regular posts, we hope, will foster further discussion and make our content more accessible to a wider audience; the goal of the longer reports and position papers will be to help guide leaders and organizations in their development and daily work.

As always, we welcome comments, feedback, guidance, wishlists, and critique. We are also perpetually recruiting contributors. In 2012, we want to be a go-to source for educational leaders and, barring apocalypse, we will continue to grow and refine our approach for the times to come.

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